Awaken Your Heart and Souls - The Path to Higher Consciousness with Belinda Pearl, July 25th 7:30PM at Black Sheep Yoga Studio in Oceanside. Navigate the realm of consciousness and awaken yoir truth. Join us for channeled guided meditations and soulful Yin Yoga flows. There will be 4 immersions in all, each taking you on a spiritual retreat unveiling the personal process of awakening to a higher realm of consciousness.

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Yin Yoga with Patrick Garrison Saturday July 26th from 5-7pm Yin Yoga  centers on holding poses for prolonged periods in order to stretch connective tissue and deepen meditation. Some believe Yin yoga to be the oldest form of Hatha yoga, since it is the ideal method of physical conditioning for prolonged meditation, which was the principal concern of ancient yogic practioners.  

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Restorative Yoga with Sharon Dawson Sunday August 10th 5pm at Black Sheep Yoga Studio in Oceanside. This carefully orchestrated series of poses gently releases soft tissue surrounding the muscles. All asanas are practiced on the floor with the support of blankets, bolsters and blocks. Rest comfortably and quietly in each pose as you drop into a state of deep, peaceful meditation. Each pose will be demonstrated and assisted.

Dress comfortably in layers and if you like, bring an eye pillow or hand towel to cover the eyes. All levels and most physical conditions welcome!

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