NEw Student Specials!

Black Sheep Yoga offers 2 great deals to all new students who would like to check out our yoga studio.  Our best deal buys you one month of unlimited yoga classes for only $39 or you can choose our 2 weeks for $25 deal and practice with us as much as you would like for 14 days in a row.  Even if you only come twice you still save $11!  Either of these options allows you to try as many classes as you like so you can take your time to figure out what classes fit in with your schedule and which class styles/teachers you most resonate with. After your 2 weeks/month is up, you then can decide what pricing/package options will be best for you.



We offer classes for all levels, from Gentle to Power Flow, you can find a class that fits your needs. Our experienced teachers have their own styles, taking pride in creating thoughtful and inventive sequences, guiding you through each posture. Each class will explore yoga in a fun, safe, and comfortable, judgement-free environment. Come learn about the mind-body-spirit connection and all the benefits a consistent practice can offer.

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New to Yoga?

We get it - yoga can be intimidating. But we believe the benefits far outweigh the embarrassing newbie fears. So we recommend starting with our Yoga Basics class. This class is designed to give you a solid foundation of the many aspects and benefits of Hatha Yoga. The format is open, so students are encouraged to ask questions throughout the class. Feel empowered from day one!

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Upcoming Special Events

1st Sunday Sound Bath
5:30 pm
6:45 pm
Raechal Levin

Join us for this sunset class as we relax in restorative yoga poses while taking a journey through healing sound vibrations into deep peace.

its summer all year long in oceanside