Sharon Bell

Sharon Bell

I have been teaching and sharing my love of yoga since 2003. I was guided into yoga through years of searching for remedies to ongoing back and neck issues. Yoga provided the rehabilitation that I had been searching to find for many years. It gave me a quality of life I had never really had even in my much younger years. I was so fascinated with the healing and how quickly I received results after being on the mat religiously for just three months. As a result I decided to take yoga teacher training to further understand how yoga works in the body. I did not plan on teaching, however one day I was called on, at the last minute, to teach at my practicing studio. And so the journey began and continues today.

I enjoy sharing the gifts yoga has to offer every body style and physical fitness level as well as the inner emotional freedom it offers. When people say to me that they can't do yoga, they are not flexible, I say "exactly! " That is just one reason why we do yoga. Yoga has offered me a great deal of flexibility in the mind, body and spirit on and off the mat. The benefits yoga has to offer are almost limitless bringing balance and calmness off the mat into everyday life.

500 ERYT; Yoga Alliance certified

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