Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams

I teach yoga to anyone searching for a better way to connect to themself, others, or God. I approach yoga as a holistic tool for wellness and program to promote autonomy and self-regulation for my students. I enjoy giving others the tools that they need to work through hardship. Between dharma talks and physical postures, each individual is drawn to something different. I love being able to deliver a well-rounded class that can inspire and impact a wide audience.

My classes are built around themes that connect yogic mythology to our everyday challenges. I use metaphors to teach while carefully choosing sequences that will help loosen our instinctive relationships with the chosen theme. My classes can be both physically and mentally demanding but extremely moving and impactful in the end.

My relationship with yoga began to deepen when I decided to end my military career after 14 years of service. When everyone around me thought I had lost my mind, yoga helped me remain still in what felt like a hurricane. My relationship with yoga softened the options of others, build confidence in my inner voice, and simultaneously helped heal the physical and emotional damage that I had been carrying with me throughout my life. I decided to become a yoga teacher because I wanted to share this gift with others and help them find peace in all the world's chaos.

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