Alexandra Storey

Alexandra Storey

Hello, I’m Alexandra Storey, a certified 200 hr RYT yoga & meditation teacher. (currently working on my 500 hr) I began my yoga journey over 10 years ago, and at the time it was mostly for the physical aspects, but it quickly evolved into an awakening of my mind & soul.

Yoga & meditation have brought such balance to my life and I could not imagine a day without this practice.

I’m here to offer you that same gift of movement, not just for your body, but for your mind & spirit too! I combine my love of pushing the body physically with the wisdom of yoga to create dynamic yoga flows while remaining grounded. Coming from the corporate world, I understand the lack of balance that often comes with everyday life. I am here to show you that giving yourself time each & every day is transformative.

One final note, I pride myself on having BALANCE. Oftentimes the yoga community can feel rigid and strict, but I believe life is a gift meant to be celebrated. I take the approach of everything in moderation, so while I meditate daily, I also binge watch reality tv. I focus on eating local, organic foods, but I also dive into french fries & pizza regularly. I spritz essential oil blends all over my home…while drinking a glass of natural wine. You get the point…this is a rule free yogic lifestyle.

A little about my lifestyle: I am from Southern California, but spent the last 7 years on the East Coast. My partner and I reside in South Oceanside & spend our winters in the rocky mountains of Canada. Most of my time is spent outdoors either surfing, hiking, skiing or just basking in the sun. I enjoy cooking at home & taking care of all of our “plant pets”.

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