Full Moon Manifestation Ceremony & Sound Healing Journey







6:30 pm


8:00 pm


Kristen Westrick

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Experience a full moon ceremony with sound journey supercharged by the energy of this month's Scorpio moon and lunar eclipse that will help you to forgive and release the things that are blocking manifestations in all areas of your life.

Workshop includes:

-Introduction on how to manifest using the energy of the full moon.

-Learn what the full moon and eclipse in Scorpio means.

-Learn the astrology forecast for your sign.

-Journaling time to acknowledge habits, thoughts and patterns that need to be released and identifying persons needing forgiveness.

-Guided mediation and special "moon tuning fork session" to attune each participant into resonance with the energy of the moon.

-Sound healing journey into relaxation to melt away your stress and tension and take you into a deeper state of bliss using the soothing vibrations of crystal bowls, Koshi chimes, gongs, and drums.

-Workshop concludes with a "Write & Burn" Ceremony

Bring your mat, a journal (or a few sheets of paper) & pen, and and idea of that which you are ready to manifest into your life!

$33 to attend and pre-registration is suggested as spots are limited for a more intimate experience.

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