Tween/Teen "End of Summer" Yoga Series







4:00 pm


4:45 pm


Jeanine Talento

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This 4 week series is an introductory yoga program designed for teens between 12-17 yrs old to help them create new habits to sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Each week Jeanine will lead the students through a different set of basic yoga sequences to build physical strength and a sense of courage within.  She will also allow time for everyone in class to interact together in small group discussions to cultivate more open lines of communication amongst their peers. And finally she will teach them some guided mindfulness meditations so they can continue to develop the important life skills needed to settle their anxious/busy minds, and how to direct and sustain attention on their studies, and how investigate their emotions and thoughts through a more compassionate   perspective.  

Our Twee/Teen Yoga series will help lead our next generation to a more fulfilling life, connecting to their own inner strengths, high values, and wish to make our world a better place.

4 week series $35 or drop in for $10/class

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