Mantra + Meditation: 3-week Course







7:00 pm


8:45 pm


Danielle Fowler

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“At its essence, mantra is a compact formula that protects the mind and leads it to freedom.” - Shiva Tigunait

In the yoga tradition, meditation is the bedrock for living a life with spiritual inspiration and insightful wisdom. A trained mind with keen observation skills and the ability to cultivate the pause can prevent unnecessary stress and harm in our daily lives. Through the practice of meditation, we can establish a calm and peaceful mind.

A key element in yoga meditation is the repetition of a sound, or mantra. Meditation, coupled with mantra, helps to focus the mind, and provide a source of inner balance and well-being.

In this course you will learn:
• The 5 Stages of Meditation
• A Checklist for Mind Training & Guidelines for Practice
• Two of the Great Vedic Mantras (Gayatri & Mrityunjaya)
• How to use a Mala for Mantra Repetition

This 3-week course will cover the theory and practice of Mantra Meditation. It will include a balance of lecture, practice, and time for Q&A.Dress in comfortable clothing. Bring your yoga mat, notebook, and pen. Handouts will be provided.

Two Bonus Gifts:
• A wrist mala for your personal practice
• Find Your Seat eBook written by Danielle

Tuition: $99.00 pre-registration thru 9/14, $119 day of.

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