Join Black Sheep Yoga at the Nissan Super Girl Surf Pro for FREE YOGA CLASSES!






Oceanside Pier


10:00 am


11:00 am


Candice Core, Elexis Ansley, and Erica Evans

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Join some of Black Sheep Yoga’s favorite instructors this weekend for a fun 50 minute yoga class, created with surfers in mind, but open to all: yogis and non-yogis alike. Each of our classes will integrate strength building postures to help you develop flexibility and focus, while cultivating stability and ease all through a mind/body connection as we guide you to surf the waves of your breath. Rest and modifications will be offered throughout the class to meet the needs of both beginning yogis and the more seasoned practitioners too. Everyone will be encouraged to listen to their own body and to do what feels right for them. You will step off your mat feeling stronger, more centered, energized and aligned to keep you in your flow all day! No need to sign up---just show up!

SATURDAY FREE YOGA MATS WILL BE GIVEN OUT TO ALL ATTENDEES thanks to our sponsor: Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water!

What we suggest you bring:

Yoga mat, blanket or towel if you need extra padding for your knees, a bottle of water, and all your friends!

Your Teachers:

Friday: Candice Core

Saturday: Elexis Ansley

Sunday: Erica Evans

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