Breathwork & Inner Transformation Workshop







3:30 pm


5:15 pm


Kevin & Kelli Russell

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Groundbreaking author & consciousness transformation coach Kevin Russell and subconscious change facilitator & yoga/meditation instructor Kelli Russell are your guides for this amazing experience.

  • Learn 2 simple techniques to balance your brain and calm your nervous system in minutes that you can use anytime

  • Activate powerful energy centers within your body and utilize a special breathing pattern with our Guided Transformative Meditation to release stressful thoughts and feelings from experiences throughout your entire lifetime

  • Reconnect with unconditional love

  • Determine how you wish to move forward in life, & learn how to program this new understanding at the subconscious level, plus create action steps to bring this change into your life!

Breathwork, Brain-balancing, and Subconscious Change Technologies to Transform Your Life!

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