Awaken Your Inner Vision for 2020: Intention Setting+Vision Board Workshop







1:00 pm


3:00 pm


Jeanine Talento + Sara Comp + Candice Core

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Are you ready to live your best year yet? Let's rock 2020 together with intention and create your vision!

The number one reason most people don't find results while manifesting is they don’t know all the steps needed to co-create with the universe. Join Jeanine, Sara, and Candice for a fun afternoon of intention setting, creation, and connection as they guide you through the steps on how to create the life you have been wanting to live!

Here is what we will cover:

-An introduction to manifestation, the law of attraction, and the power of thought
-A guided meditation to enhance your clarity on what you want to create in 2020
-30 minute yoga practice+nidra savasana
-Cacao ceremony with inquiry+journal time
-Create your own vision board

Investment: $30 Early-bird until 12/31/19 $40 thereafter. Don’t wait…commit to your best 2020 now!

What all is included in the workshop: all your vision board supplies, cacao+palo santo smudge stick, a BSY journal+pen (all to take home with you).

What should you bring: Some INSPIRATION and a yoga mat. If you are into crystals or have a favorite mug you would like to use for the cacao ceremony, feel free to bring those with you. Also if you have anything special saved ahead of time that you may want to add to your vision board magazine clippings/old cards/photos, definitely bring those too.

So start thinking: it is a new job/raise you have been wanting, a new relationship, or maybe a vacation home. What about finally taking time to learn to play the instrument you always wanted to or speak another language? What if this was the year you finally took the leap to start your own business?! Whatever it is, let’s make it happen!

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