SURF-54 SALS-SUNSET BONFIRE: Autumn Equinox Celebration






Oceanside Pier Beach


3:00 pm


8:00 pm


the BSY Good Vibe Tribe Teachers

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It's that time again for our 54 Sun Salutes yoga event as we celebrate the shift of the season into Autumn! This year we are making a whole afternoon out of our celebration in hopes that more of you can come join us for the practice or to simply hang out in community at the beach. Beginning around 3pm plan to head downtown to the Oceanside Harbor Beach and look for us near the fire pits by the playground near the north end jetty.

Clear your afternoon schedule and come on down to the beach and catch some afternoon rays with us or bring your board and go ride some waves before we take our journey together around the Yoga Mala 54 times=a "woo-woo" way to say practice our Sun Salutations!

Working until 5PM you say? COME meet us near the pier after work and get ready to flow at 6! We know the 54 can seem intimidating, but now is the time of the season to let go of your fears and limited beliefs and finish up this year with courage. We make this yogic tradition of practicing the challenging series of 54 Sun Salutes A's together as a community fun! We will have a round-robin of some of our favorite Black Sheep teachers leading you through rounds of 10 and everyone will be encouraged to make modifications and take time to rest so that the practice is accessible for EVERYONE! We will end our practice with a sunset savasana and then up our evening with a bonfire celebration around 7pm for our adult yogis.

Everything else is BYOB: yoga mats, surf boards, towels, snacks, drinks, get it. But of course as yogis we will always share what we have with you. We hope you can join us! $20 to attend class (ok to use your package/membership)  Cash/Venmo to pay"day of" or pre-register to pay online with credit card. Beach and bonfire time are FREE for all to join!

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