54 Sun Salutes: Spring Equinox Practice







7:00 pm


8:00 pm


the BSY Good Vibe Tribe Teachers

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Yes its that time again for our 54 Sun Salutes yoga event as we celebrate the first day of spring happening later this month. We are inviting you to let go of your fears and come join us in the yogic tradition of practicing this fun but challenging series of 54 Sun Salutes A's together as a community! This is a donation based event as we honor the practice of Seva (selfless service) to help raise funds for the Sean O' Shea Foundation who helps bring yoga to the less fortunate kids of Oceanside and San Diego counties. When you practice Seva yoga, you renounce your own selfish desires and instead, give your time and energy to the greater good. We hope you can join us.

$15 Donation to attend

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