Slow Flow with Reiki

All Levels


This feel-good, fusion style, yoga/reiki class is for everyone: the beginner, the advanced, the yogi, and even the non-yogi. This is your traditional slow flow vinyasa class which emphasizes linking conscious breath with mindful movements + a little bonus: a Reiki healing session!Everyone will have the option to receive Reiki at some point during the class where the teacher will gently use their “hands-on or hands-near” method (per each individuals choice) to channel life force energy (Prana) into any areas of the body, where it is most needed and/or where any negative energy (stress) may be lingering.

Everyone will be offered the opportunity to “opt out” of the Reiki portion of the class discreetly. If you need to unwind and end your day feeling amazing in body, mind, and soul, this is the class for you!

What is Reiki? It is a Japanese technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation and it also helps to heal physical and mental trauma, supports mental clarity, and spiritual well-being. Reiki practitioners are trained channel energy into a client by means of near-touch to activate the innate, natural healing processes of the patient’s body. Reiki is based on the idea that there is an unseen universal life-force of energy flows through us: in yoga, we call it Prana; the Japanese call it ki. If that energy is low or blocked, we’re more likely to get sick and feel stressed; if it’s high, we’re better able to be happy and healthy, and in our “flow”.

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Slow Flow with Reiki
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This feel-good, fusion style, yoga/reiki class is for everyone: the beginner, the advanced, the yogi, and even the non-yogi.

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