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*Disclaimer: The first half of class will be an intermediate level flow=quick paced and set to loud music*

This class is a perfect way to end your day as a Flow and Restore practice combines the best of two different styles of yoga: Vinyasa and Restorative, resulting in a practice that will leave you simultaneously revitalized yet feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful.

Get ready to rock your asana and find your flow as you dance with your breath through a moving meditation, flow from one pose to the next in creative and fun sequences that are designed to still your mind even as your body builds a sweat.

The second half of class will transition into a slow, quiet and intentionally restful, restorative sequence, incorporating props (blankets, blocks, bolsters) to help slow down and calm the nervous system to bring you back into your most blissful state, where deep relaxation and inner peace can be experienced.

other classes

Mythical Vinyasa
All Levels

Take a journey with us on a voyage of movement and exploration of the myths and philosophical texts by which our modern day yoga practice has been built.

All Levels

This class is a perfect way to end your day as a Flow and Restore practice combines the best of two different styles of yoga: vinyasa and restorative yoga.

Monday Mindflow: Slow Flow & Yoga Nidra
All Levels

A class designed to let your mind flow…joyful & intentional slow flow practice followed by guided restorative Yoga Nidra.

Sunday Slow Flow with Sound Bath and Meditation
All Levels

Need to wind down at the end of your week? This class is for you!

Hatha for Healthy Backs
All Levels

Our hatha for healthy backs classes focus on building strength, developing flexibility, and cultivating stability and ease for the neck, shoulders, and spine.

Slow Flow with Reiki
All Levels

This feel-good, fusion style, yoga/reiki class is for everyone: the beginner, the advanced, the yogi, and even the non-yogi.

All Level Flow+

This all levels vinyasa class is designed to meet you where you are and then gives you the option to level up if you choose.

Gentle Yoga

This a great class open to all levels: beginners, seniors, those recovering from an injury, and even the more seasoned yogis looking for a slower paced practice.

Reiki & Restorative Yoga
All Levels

Combining both Restorative Yoga and Reiki Therapy allows for a deep stillness and sense of peace to be found within.

Yin~Yang Yoga
All Levels

This class can provide you with a practice that starts with deep, introspective, and quiet yoga that evolves into an energizing and uplifting flow sequence.

Move & Meditate
All Levels

This class is ALL about mindfulness and allows yogis to explore the different expressions of meditation to find their own way to reconnect to inner peace.

Candlelight Yin with Crystal Bowl Savasana
All Levels

‍Yin yoga is a deep , quiet, and contemplative practice of awareness and stillness where you will explore the more subtle layers of the body and breath.

Rise & Shine Yoga
All Levels

Roll your way out of bed with an invigorating practice to wake you up and set the pace for your day.

Slow Flow
All Levels

Slower is stronger! Slow Flow Yoga is designed to cultivate awareness and alignment of body, mind and heart by linking breath with movement.

All Level Flow
All Levels

Vinyasa, which translates from Sanskrit to “flow” or “to move in a special way,” emphasizes the synergy between breath and movement.