Black Sheep Yoga is Oceanside’s community yoga studio. We have a yoga class accessible to everyone and our intention is to help people reconnect to themselves. You don’t have to give in to fit in, just be yourself!”

Black Sheep, offers yoga for all levels, never taking yoga too seriously and always adding fun and inventive classes like: Mom & Baby Yoga, Vinyasa with Singing Sound Healing Savasana Serenade, and a fusion class called YinYang Yoga as well as other exciting seasonal outdoor classes/events/fundraisers around town for the community like outdoor sunset yoga classes in South O's local Buccaneer Beach Park, & Solstice Sun Salutes on the beach during the summer.

Being part of the Black Sheep family is about loving yourself because you are unique, and
embracing those differences by choosing to living a life you love, in your own way but with the support of a huge community that will have your back along the way.

*We do not use infrared/external heat or humidifiers in any of our classes*